Supporting Groups and Organizations

The Dayton Section Of the National Weather Service's SKYWARN Program is staffed entirely by volunteers who bring experience and knowledge to the organization. During severe weather season dedicated people are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for activation by the National Weather service, should the need arise.

Amateur Radio Community and Public Service

Dayton SKYWARN depends greatly on other amateur organizations and public service agencies for support. They provide radio systems, technical expertise, facilities, equipment and other miscellaneous resources that contribute significantly to our mission. Without this support we could not perform this public service. Please follow the attached links to learn how you can support these fine organizations and public service departments.


Community and Corporate Assistance


We would be remiss if we didn't mention the hundreds upon hundreds of dedicated amateur radio SKYWARN spotter in all 15 counties who donated many hours of volunteer time each year to support the SKYWARN Program. They show up on frequency at a moments notice and stay as long as the NWS and we need them. Your help and dedication is appreciated by Wilmington National Weather Service and Dayton SKYWARN. Without you we couldn't provide this valuable service.


Last Updated: 06/17/13