Dayton Skywarn/NWS Weather Spotter Training


Dayton Skywarn coordinators Lou Long and Don Parker conduct the 2008 Skywarn training held at the Centerville Police Department.

New Skywarn Comm Center
N                            New Dayton Skywarn Comm Center - May 2012
Lou and Doug old Skywarn comm center1995 -                                             1995 - May 2012

Tara Hastings and Jamie Jarosic


 Storm Team 2 Meteorologists Tara Hastings and Jamie Jarosik.


Dayton Skywarn coordinator Don Parker conducts training session.



Wilmington Weather Service training coordinator Mary Jo Parker presents the NWS training..


Storm Team 2 Meteorologist Brian Davis speaks about weather forecasting.





Wilmington National Weather Service.


Wilmington Weather Service work area.



Wilmington Weather Service control center.


Wilmington Weather control operator Paul Gehringer.


Andy Hatzco presenting advanced class

Doug Magilvy and Lou Long operating Dayton Skywarn comm center.


Andy Hatzos presenting Advanced Weather Class at 2011 training.

Chief Meteorologist Jeff Booth demonstrates gathering weather information for weather forecast to 2012 weather spotter class.   Meteorologist Tara Hastings explains how graphics are used for weather forecasts at the 2012 weather spotters class.
Scott Hickman presenting advanced weather class  

Scott Hickman presenting Advanced Weather Class at 2011 training.   Ken Heydu and Don Parker manning the National Weather Service booth at Hamvention.
Meteorologist Rich Wirdzek explains 2012 tornado comparisons to weather spotter class.   Chief Meteorologist Jamie Simpson explains weather forecasting to 2012 weather spotter class.


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