2002 Statewide Tornado Drill Results For Ohio & Indiana

 We have not received the over all totals of all four Sections under Wilmington NWS' umbrella of responsibility, but the following are the totals of the counties checking in with Dayton SKYWARN'S Sectional net operations during the two days of Statewide Tornado Test Drills:

Indiana March 6, 2002

Afternoon Test:

Wayne 02

Rush 01

Evening Test:

Union 16

Fayette 08

Wayne 01

27 Total Indiana Spotter Check-ins


Ohio March 20, 2002

Morning Test:

Auglaize 21

Champaign 01

Clark 16

Darke 10

Greene 14

Logan 02

Mercer 04

Montgomery 20

Miami 02

Preble 10

Putnum 01

Shelby 16

117 Total Ohio Spotter Check-ins


144 Cumulative Total for all of Dayton SKYWARN'S counties

Thanks to everyone who took time from their busy day to participate in these drills. We look forward to working with you this season and using your spotter skills.

73, From the Sectional Net Operators of Dayton SKYWARN (KC8CMG)

2002 Montgomery County Spotter Training Class

Hosted by Dayton SKYWARN (KC8CMG)




Around 8 a.m. the early risers began coming in the Miami Valley Hospital 's Beiser Auditorium for the NWS/Dayton SKYWARN Severe Weather Spotters Class.


Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Net Operators, Mike Medlock (KB8RUW) and Bob Kemphues (KC8HFX) along with Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Coordinator, Paula DiGennaro (KA8HQJ) begin sitting up the Dayton SKYWARN "retail shirt and patch" sales corner.


As volunteers arrived, District EC/SKYWARN Spotter, Ron Moorefield (W8ILC) talked with Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Net Operator/MVH audio visual technician, Doug Magilvy (WB8TIA). Mary Jo Parker, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service, and Paula discuss items to be covered in the class.




Bob along with Dayton SKYWARN'S newest Sectional Net Operator, Mary Kemphues (N8VGQ) make final preparations as Nelson DiGennaro (WB8VUU) Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Coordinator looks on.

    Lynn Roberts (N8LXK) and Dayton SKYWARN Preliminary Sectional Operator, Shirley Roberts (N8LX) get comfortable in their seats in preparation for the class.    

Following a 10-minute video demonstrating how SKYWARN amateur radio operators work hand in hand with the NWS, Paula discussed various updates and changes since the last Montgomery County spotter training class in 2001.




Nelson offers an audio sampling of the preferred reporting procedures used in the Dayton Section's 15+ counties of responsibility.      


Following Nelson, Mary Jo. Parker presents the NWS Power Point SKYWARN spotter presentation.


Guest speaker, Miami Valley Emergency Management Authority Executive Director, Rob Gunter arrived from WPAFB in his uniform of the day, camouflage.




Rob came to our area in 2001 from the state level of the EMA.  He has extensive experience with SKYWARN volunteers and recognizes the value of having an active SKYWARN organization in his counties to help provide visual severe weather reports to the NWS.


Rob's message to the volunteers covered the many responbilities of his job and also included his appreciation to the Dayton SKYWARN Net Operators and spotters for their tireless dedication to the SKYWARN program.


Following his talk Rob took time to discuss a few items with Paula and offer his support to Dayton SKYWARN and the spotters before rushing back to Wright Patterson AFB.

            Following the class many of the guests came down to the main level and shared weather stories with the Dayton SKYWARN Net Operators; Larry Bell (N8TNX), Bob and Mary, at the SKYWARN table.



Hamvention Weekend with Dayton SKYWARN & the NWS

 As in previous years Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Net Operators assisted in manning the inside NWS/SKYWARN Hamvention Booth.  The days were long but the company was fun and extremely interesting.

We at Dayton SKYWARN wish to thank Wilmington NWS for allowing us to help as well as sell the Dayton SKYWARN shirts, patches, stickers and ponchos (yes, ponchos).  Also a huge thanks to the Dayton Hamvention staff for their assistance in arrangements so we could get in and out of Hamvention as quickly as possible, should SKYWARN severe weather activation have been necessary.   The weather was wet on Friday and even though we were on standby for activation it never reached a severe level.  Saturday and Sunday's weather was perfect!

(Photos provided by: Doug Magilvy (WB8TIA) and Bob Kemphues (KC8HFX).       


NWS-SKYWARN booth was again a popular place for amateur radio operators to stop by and reminisce about their spotting experiences. Wilmington NWS Data Acquisition Program Manager, Sam McNeil and Louisville, Kentucky NWS Meteorologist in Charge (MIC), Mike Matthews, along with Dayton SKYWARN Net Operator, Rick Ganter (WD8KYW), and Coordinators, Paula (KA8HQJ) and Nelson (WB8VUU) DiGennaro manned Saturday's booth.



This year the National Weather Service and Dayton SKYWARN were pleased to have Dennis McCarthy (K0WXF), Central Region Director of the National Weather Service from Kansas City attend and hold a Friday afternoon NWS/SKYWARN forum. Paula and Nelson (center & right) served as host and hostess for Dennis (right) during his visit.



Those in attendance left the class with more information than they had before they arrived. We'll find out, as severe weather season goes into full swing.

On behalf of Dayton SKYWARN and the NWS, "thanks" to everyone who attended!


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