The Dayton Section of SKYWARN

2001 Statewide Tornado Drill Results


Indiana Drill - March 7, 2001:


Fayette County = 0 check-ins

Union County = 0 check-ins

Wayne County = 3 check-ins


Fayette County = 0 check-ins

Union County = 5 check-ins

Wayne County = 6 check-ins

14 Total Indiana check-ins

67% of the IN counties


Ohio Drill - March 28, 2001

9:50 a.m:

(146.64 southern county repeater)

Champain County = 1 check-in

Clark County = 23 check-ins

Darke County = 6 check-ins

Greene County = 1 check-in

Miami County = 10 check-ins

Montgomery County = 35 check-ins

(+ 24 Driscoll Elementary Students)

Preble County = 8 check-ins

Warren County = 1 check-in

(146.835 northern county repeater)

Allan County = 1 check-in

Auglaize County = 17 check-ins

Hardin County = 0 check-ins

Logan County = 6 check-ins

Mercer County = 3 check-ins

Shelby County = 13 check-ins

125 Total OH Check-ins

92% of the OH Counties

(+ one outside county)

Total Dayton Section IN & OH check-ins: 139



Wilmington NWS Sectional counts for Ohio Drill:

Cincinnati Section: 36

Columbus Section: 25

Dayton Section: 125

West Union Section: 13

Clinton County: 4

A huge THANKS goes out to everyone who helped in this drill. Results have been sent to Wilmington NWS, state level response and ARRL representatives.

73, Paula (KA8HQJ) & Nelson (WB8VUU) DiGennaro

Dayton Section of NWS SKYWARN Coordinators




2001 Butler Twp. Fire Department Open House

On September 23, 2001, Butler Township held their annual Fire Department Open House with the Dayton Section of SKYWARN gladly participating in the event.

It is with the assistance of Butler Township Fire Department and Trustees that we have an Operations Site. This is one way we can Thank them for their solid support of the National Weather Service SKYWARN program and amateur radio.


During the opening ceremony Chief Wiltrout addressed the Butler Township Fire Department members and attendees by taking time to pay tribute to those "Brothers and civilians" who lost their lives 12 days earlier in the terrorist attacks.  Chief Wiltrout (Left) A.C. Bob (Right)



The American Flag was unfurled to the National Anthem by Butler Township Fire Fighters a top the aerial ladder truck.



After his talk the flag was raised by aerial ladder truck as everyone saluted, including (to left) Larry and Bob of Dayton SKYWARN.


Bob answers questions form "A. C. Bob" Wieffenbach's family about the SKYWARN program and how Dayton SKYWARN'S Sectional Net is responsible for 15+ counties.



Finishing the final set up of the Dayton SKYWARN display was Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Operators (l-r) Larry Bell (N8TNX), Coordinator Paula DiGennaro (KA8HQJ) and Operator Bob Kemphues (KC8HFX.)


Not all of the activities were inside with many outside activities going around the parameter of B. T. Fire Station #88. One involved the littlest of fire fighters as they ran through a timed maze to finally put out a burning house fire. They were outfitter complete with fire hat and coat.


Larry, Chris and Bob were all set and ready to answer questions as well as demonstrate our great hobby. Displayed was a 2 meter mobile transceiver, a 2 meter and handheld transceiver, the NOAA Weather Radio (issuing the weather information) and a HF radio (tuned to the NY City Disaster frequency). Also available to guests were numerous weather and spotter related brochures.      



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