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Paula and Nelson DiGennaro's Goodbye Note

For over twenty-five years Nelson and I have volunteered as Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Net Operators.   Thirteen of those years we've served together as the Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Coordinators, overseeing the growth of the Dayton SKYWARN organization, participating in the consolidation of the Nat'l Weather Service as well as making many wonderful friendships along the way.

        Yes, there were nights when we would drive several hundred miles to get to a county spotter training class, not arriving home until well after midnight.  And the next morning we'd get up groggy to head to our real jobs wondering why we'd volunteer to do such a task.  But when there was an activation by the NWS and everything went smoothly, including the spotter reports coming in from that particular county, we would smile knowing the long drives and late hours were well worth it.

        This year on September 22 we retire and others will assume the Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Coordinator positions.  We know that Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Net Operators; Lou Long (KB8TCK) and Don Parker (KB8PSL) will do an admirable job as the new Coordinators.  Long-time Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Op; Chris Harris (N8OXC) will serve as Advisor to Lou and Don and long-time Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Op; Rick Ganter (WD8KYW) will serve on the Steering Committee with Lou, Don and Chris.  The organization is in great hands. 

        We will miss responding to the EOC for severe weather activations, but in our retirement travels we plan to remain active in SKYWARN (and amateur radio) helping other locations in the U.S. when SKYWARN is needed.   We're also going to miss seeing the Dayton SKYWARN Sectional Preliminary & Primary Net Operators.  They are a great group of dedicated people who respond at the drop of the hat, or tone of a pager.  They're willing to rush to the EOC only to wait until the storm arrives, which sometimes can take several hours. But when it does come in everyone pitches in immediately and the job of assisting the Wilmington NWS gets done.  That's dedication, thanks to all of you.  We consider all of you family and we'll miss working with each and everyone.

        As for the Liaisons and Spotters in Dayton SKYWARN's 15+ counties; without you, the job just wouldn't get done.  You are a very vital part of the SKYWARN Program.  Many of you have become close friends and we hope we can continue to stay in touch.

        The Wilmington NWS amateur radio operators; we've come a long way together.  You will always hold a special place in our hearts.   And who knows we may show up every now and then just to say "Hi."

        And lastly but by no means least, The Wilmington Nat'l Weather Service Staff  Ken, Mary Jo, Sam and everyone else at the Wilmington NWS you have been wonderful to work with over the years.  We have laughed together during the good times and we've cried together at a time of loss, but we've always worked well together.  I (Paula) will never forget the time I introduced Ken to Red Velvet Cake during a trip to a Fayette County Indiana training class.  He's been hooked on Red Velvet Cake ever since.  The good news for Ken is that it's now sold in a box mix!!!

        Amateur radio has been a part of our lives since the mid to late 1970s and it will continue that way.  We will be traveling extensively all over the US and Canada .  We plan to be on all of the amateur bands whenever our travels permit.

        But for now, thanks for helping us support SKYWARN over the many years, thanks for your friendship and we hope you'll continue to support those who continue the work of Dayton SKYWARN.

Paula & Nelson DiGennaro


Dayton SKYWARN Coordinators (Jan 1, 1994-Sept 22, 2007)  


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